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This page provides information on what is appraisal companies, what services they provide. Tariffs and terms of independent property evaluation are given in the relevant sections of our site:

  • Real estate: apartments, land, residential houses, garages.
  • Cars, equipment, fixed assets.
  • Shares and other securities, corporate rights.
  • Appraisal company = The subject of valuation activity

    As you already know the valuation of property is the process of determination of cost. The property to be valued is the property whose value is determined. And if this question is becoming more or less clear, then let’s look at the question of who is the subject of the evaluation activity, that is, who has the right to make this evaluation.

    At first glance, the question of who is entitled to carry out the evaluation is obvious: the appraiser does the evaluation. However, it is not so true. According to the Law of Ukraine «On valuation of property…» the subject of valuation activities cannot be the appraiser as an individual. Only enterprises and private entrepreneurs who must have at least one appraiser and, in the case of land valuation, two appraisers must be allowed to conduct the evaluation. This right is confirmed by the certificate of valuation entity issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

    At the same time the document, which is the result of the valuation (report on the valuation of the property) must be signed by both the appraiser and the director of the appraisal company. Even if it is the same person, the signatures are still two. About what documents are issued based on the results of the real estate evaluation, you can find by following this link.

    What permit documents of the appraiser and appraisal company do they have

    Appariser as a individual has three approval documents for evaluation:

  • Qualification certificate – means that the appraiser has passed the qualification examination.
  • Certificate on entering information about the appraiser in the state register of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.
  • Certificate of qualification of the appraiser, which must be taken at least every two years.
  • The appraisal company, as a subject of valuation activity, is required to have a certificate of the entity of valuation activity issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine. Certificates are issued for a period of three years.

    More information about what permits appraisers and appraisal companies need, as well as about how appraisers differ from experts, and valuation from expertise, can be obtained by reading the article «real estate appraiser».

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