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This collection of thematic articles contains materials on the conduct of real estate valuation of various types. For full information on the type of real estate you are interested in, please refer to the specialized sections of our site:

How to save money when buying and selling real estate

Buys real estate for dollars

Anyone who has ever faced the sale of real estate or a simple inheritance, knows that such procedures are associated with considerable financial expenses. Of course, there is a completely reasonable question: and as much as possible to reduce the expenses in re-registration an apartment, garage, residential building, land plot and other real estate.

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Appraisers

A few words about the real estate and property appraiser of different types profession. What you need to know as a customer, to not make a mistake when choosing an appraisal company.

Evaluation of Real Estate 2024

Evaluation of real estate

The article focuses on general issues of real estate valuation. If you need to evaluate apartments, residential buildings or land plots, please go to the appropriate specialized thematic section. You can also simply call or email us. And we will be happy to answer all your questions.

New rules of real estate valuation in Ukraine 2024

Сервис автоматической оценки недвижимости

Employees of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in all their speeches related to the new rules of real estate valuation for the notary in 2024, focus on the next. Real estate sellers may now not pay appraisers and thus ostensibly save money.

How much does it cost to re-registrate real estate in Ukraine

Money for taxes

Re-registration of rights to real estate is always accompanied by a rather significant number and amount of mandatory payments. Anyone who has decided to sell, donate real estate or plans to inherit the property is interested in what costs in this regard he will bear. Taxes and charges depend on several factors.