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Valuation of land plots and house evaluation – are rather specific in terms of valuation. The fact is that both land and residential buildings can be characterized by such atypical parameters, that make a good quality evaluation will be able only the real estate appraier with great experience of doing such work.

Land is often in such bizarre forms that it is not clear how it can be most effectively used. There have also been cases in our practice of difficult access to land due to neighbouring sites. That is, the land is sort of there, but you can’t actually get to it. Sometimes there are cases of unusual target purpose. For example, we evaluated agricultural land of only a few hundred acres in the center of one of the regional centers of the Kyiv region.

As for individual residential buildings, there is enough of its nuances. Because in the process of real estate evaluation in any case, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the building, the presence and value of household buildings and structures. In the case of old houses, which are obviously easier and cheaper to demolish than to repair, the valuation of such real estate is a very non-trivial task.

The quality of the work on the valuation of land and residential buildings is especially important when the documents are prepared for presentation in court!

Evaluation of Houses

Evaluation of Houses

Material about individual residential houses, cottages, summer houses, farm buildings. And everything that goes with them in terms of valuation. Most often, the evaluation of the house is ordered for re-registration of ownership or for filing documents in court.

Evaluation of land

Evaluation of land

Most of the land plots have one of three purposes: for individual construction, under the management of horticulture (summer house), for personal agriculture (vegetable gardens). Less common in practice are commercial lands, the valuation of which often involves a lot of subtleties and nuances.

How much does it cost to re-registrate real estate in Ukraine

Money for taxes

Re-registration of rights to real estate is always accompanied by a rather significant number and amount of mandatory payments. Anyone who has decided to sell, donate real estate or plans to inherit the property is interested in what costs in this regard he will bear. Taxes and charges depend on several factors.