Category «Premises Evaluation»

In practice, the most common case of the valuation of premises is the process of leasing municipal property of Kyiv. The peculiarity of this work is that it must be done as carefully as possible, with all the requirements and formalities stipulated by the legislation. This is due to the fact that the valuation of State and municipal property before approval is checked by the supervisory authorities in order to prevent intentional or unintentional underestimation of the real estate value.

Lack of experience of the appraiser in working with municipal real estate results in loss of time and money of the client. Because the process often takes months, and if documents are poorly prepared, it will have to start again.

We advise you to take responsibility for the selection of the evaluation company for any type of work, and in the case of the evaluation of the municipal property of Kyiv for rental this issue should be given the utmost attention.

Evaluation of garages, car parks, parking lots

Nicely painted garage

Evaluation of garage is the definition of the market value of this type of real estate by a professional appraiser who has permits for this type of activity. As with the valuation of other types of real estate, the determination of the cost of the garage is most often necessary for a notary or presentation …

How much does it cost to re-registrate real estate in Ukraine

Money for taxes

Re-registration of rights to real estate is always accompanied by a rather significant number and amount of mandatory payments. Anyone who has decided to sell, donate real estate or plans to inherit the property is interested in what costs in this regard he will bear. Taxes and charges depend on several factors.