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Property valuation is a very broad concept. It’s important to keep in mind that the costing and documentation process varies greatly depending on the type of facility.

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Appraisal Company

Badge of honor of the State Property Fund of Ukraine

According to the legislation, the appraiser of property cannot perform his professional activity as a self-employed person. He works only in the appraisal firm. About is that company we will discuss in this material.

Evaluation of the property in divorce

Evaluation of the property in divorce

It is often the case that independent evaluation is necessary for the fair division of matrimonial property in the divorce process. The complexity of this situation is that the jointly acquired property can be completely different types: from real estate and cars to furniture and computer equipment.

Valuation of property with English translation

US Embassy in Kyiv

Valuation of property with translation into a foreign language is necessary when the results of this evaluation are used abroad or by foreign missions, embassies, consulates, companies, citizens of other states in Ukraine.

Retrospective evaluation: the features

Retrospective evaluation

The phrase «retrospective evaluation» is a kind of slang. Because it means that the evaluation was carried out on a date which is «old» in relation to the date of its appointment and until the date of compilation (completion) of the evaluation report.