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Determining the cost of vehicles – a popular service among our customers. For both as legal entity, as individuals.

Valuation of motor vehicles as fixed assets for accounting purposes often needed for putting the property on the balance of the enterprise, and for its sale or write-off. It is not uncommon to contact us from legal entities for an evaluation of the car with the purpose of transferring it to the lease or, conversely, registration for the enterprise of a temporary right to use the property of an individual.

In the case of orders from individuals, the main focus is on determining the cost of vehicles for the presentation of documents in court, for example, during the divorce property evaluation.

Evaluation of Vehicles

Evaluation Of Vehicles

The main article is devoted to the peculiarities of determination of market value of motor vehicles. Cases and features of valuation of the car, the necessary documents, conditions of cooperation and other useful information on the subject…