Evaluation of Houses

Evaluation of Houses

Approximate cost of work on evaluation of a residential house for sale or gift – 1000 UAH. Period of execution – 1 day. Depending on the individual features of the house and its location, the service price may be higher. Please pay your attention that evaluation of land plot, on which the object of real estate is located, is issued by a separate document and is not included in the above cost of services.

The price of the evaluation of house for presentation in court is determined individually. You are welcome to call us!

Why would you need houses evaluation?

Valuation of residential buildings as well as valuation of real estate of all other types, most often required in the following cases:

  • taxation on sale, gift, exchange;
  • transfer on bail (lending);
  • presentation in court, particularly in the division of property;
  • re-registration of ownership by inheritance.

How much does it cost to re-register the house at the notary

From the estimated value of the real estate, a number of taxes and obligatory payments will have to be paid when signing a sales or gift contract. So, when re-registration of the house, if all parties are citizens of Ukraine, the costs will be such:

All parties to the agreement are citizens of Ukraine
TransactionIncome taxMilitary feePension fund
Sale of house (in the ownership for more than 3 years)1,5%
(seller’s expenses)
(buyer’s expenses)
Sale of house (in the ownership for less than 3 years)5%
(seller’s expenses)
(seller’s expenses)
(buyer’s expenses)
Gifting or inheritance to close relatives (spouses, children, grandchildren, siblings)
Gifting or inheritance except close relatives5%
(new owner pays)
(new owner pays)


In general, the expenses of re-registration of real estate is an important and serious issue. It is advisable to look into it at the stage of sale planning. You can explore this topic in detail by clicking on this link. It is very important not to pay extra, because the expenses of registration is usually very, very significant.

What documents have to be provided?

The following documents are required for an expert evaluation of a residential house as a building:

  • A title document, which means a document on the basis of which the real estate belongs to its owner. It can be a sales contract, gift contract, title deed, court decision, etc
  • Technical passport of BTI.
  • Passport of the owner (co-owner) of the house. In case of death of the owner, it is necessary to provide a death certificate. Also necessary is a document linking the heir and the deceased (for example, will or birth certificate) and the passport of the heir.


Land that relates to the house.

Working with residential buildings has many features compared to other types of immovable property. For example, in most cases, when determining the cost of a building the expert evaluation of land, on which this house is located, also has to be conducted. Although it needs to be made clear that this is not always the case. For example, if we prepare documents for presentation in court, the task in some cases may be to determine the cost of the construction itself without taking into account the land.

The following documents are required for evaluation of the household plot:

  • State act on land ownership. If the state act does not contain the cadastral number of the land plot, a certificate of its assignment is required.
  • Passport of the owner (co-owner) of the land plot.


Another feature of a residential house as an object for determining the value is the following. The complexity and algorithm of the evaluation can vary significantly for different types of houses. Old village huts have to be evaluated using approaches significantly different from the methods of working with modern cottages.

Also often the choice of approach and the complexity of the work affects the location of the house. The location of the property in a unique and limited development area adds to the difficulties. For example, in a number of localities of the Pechersk district of Kyiv. Conversely, the location of the property in remote settlements, where real estate deals are very rarely. Such areas are in many regions of Ukraine, especially often we find such objects in villages of Chernihiv region, which is far away from regional centers.

Cradle in house

Who can evaluate the house and prepare the documents?

Our company has all the permits for independent real estate evaluation, namely:

  1. Certificate of valuation activity of the State Property Fund of Ukraine with an open specialization «evaluation of real estate, including land parcels».
  2. Qualification certificates of appraisers.
  3. Certificate of increase of qualification.
  4. Extracts from the State Register of Appraisers.

You can read more about permits for professional activities in the article about the profession “real estate appraiser“.

Since the evaluation of houses in each case may have its own characteristics, please, beforehand call or write. We are happy to advise you!

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