Evaluation of the property in divorce

Evaluation of the property in divorce

You know, all things happen in our lifes. Sometimes we have to part with some objects – we give our neighbors an old wardrobe when we ordered a new one; sell our old «Ford» and go to our new «Audi», some things break, get lost when we move. Sometimes we get divorced and leave something to the past partner, sometimes we have to give a certain item as collateral to get a money loan from the bank and again buy some items. And so in a circle, and without that there can be no life. All these things are our property, they are the ones that shape our state.

You have heard such phrases many times: «His financial condition has exceeded one hundred million dollars». We pinch our tongue, are a little jealous of the person, or are indignant – probably stole this money. Do many of us know how to evaluate our own condition? How much did we make in our lifetime? Actually, the property evaluation is a fairly common service, and it is provided by specialized appraisal companies as our one. Valuation (the determination of the value) is an integrated procedure to be followed expert-appraiser. This is a high-level specialist who has a personal qualification certificate, which is issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

As a result, the specialist provides a detailed report on the independent evaluation. This is an official document of the state pattern, which determines the composition and value of your property submitted to the expert for evaluation. The document can be submitted to any state and other bodies – as they say, «at the place of demand».

Evaluation in the division of matrimonial property

One of the common cases in which the valuation of property may be useful – divorce. As is well known, the joint property of the former spouses must be divided equally. The starting point is, of course, the price, not the number of items. Agree, it is quite silly to saw the cabinet in half. It is much more logical for one spouse to take the wardrobe, and the second – for example, the table. Well, and the difference in the price of finishing. The closet is definitely more expensive – everything should be fair. The appraiser will determine the market value of each item and the whole state in general, his conclusion – an excellent reference point for spouses ready to part in a good way, and a weighty argument for someone who the ex-half decided (well, or decided) to leave a broken trough. The separate place also takes evaluation of real estate, as it is often the most valuable “overlap” all other joint property.

Other example — car’s evaluation. As a rule, if there are two cars in the house, one goes to one ex-spouse, the second one – the second. Machines are usually distributed in the same way as the spouses used them. Meanwhile, machines can be quite different in cost. Yes, it seems quite fair approach «to each spouse by car». But this is only in the first approximation. On closer examination, it turns out that the former husband was left with a representative limousine, and the wife – a long-used car. Stop it. Property valuation is an inexpensive and understandable procedure that eliminates all questions about the division of property once and for all.

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