Evaluation of Vehicles

Evaluation Of Vehicles

How much does it cost to evaluate a car

The cost of work to evaluate the car – from 2000 UAH (depending on the prevalence of the brand). The cost of our services for trucks, buses, trailers and special machinery is determined individually. When preparing documents for presentation in court, the terms of cooperation with the customer can also be individual, and are agreed depending on the particular situation and circumstances of the case.

The deadline – 1 day.

For what and when you need the evaluation of vehicles

The most common cases of independent evaluation of vehicles are:

  • Sale of the car (in particular by legal entity).
  • Registration of car rental agreement.
  • Accounting and tax accounting requirements for enterprises.
  • Re-registration of the car after the death of the owner.
  • Evaluation of the car in case of divorce (division of property) or other litigation.
  • Evaluation of the car after an accident (PLEASE NOTE that our company DOES NOT produce such evaluation).

What is needed to get started?

The following documents are required for the expert evaluation of the vehicle:

  1. Vehicle registration certificate.
  2. Owner’s Passport. In case of death of the owner, we need: death certificate, documents confirming the connection between the deceased and the heir, passport of the heir.
  3. Photos of the car (are made on site).

Car valuation without inspection

There are often situations where the customer needs to obtain a document with the market value of the vehicle, but it is impossible to inspect it for objective reasons.

Division of property upon divorce

This is particularly the cases during the evaluating of property at divorce. When one of the parties either does not provide the car for appraisers inspection, or has ever managed to sell the disputed jointly acquired property. In this case, the customer may not even have documents on the vehicle. But the person needs evaluation to file a lawsuit in court and pay court fees.

Our appraisers have a lot of experience in successfully solving problems in such situations. That is why many practising lawyers dealing with such cases become our regular clients.

The document on the determination of market value, when there is no access to the car and/or no documents on it, differs significantly from the usual report of the appraiser. It is important to contact a company that specializes in the preparation of documents for presentation in court, and not only, for example, for a notary.

A mistake in choosing a car appraiser can cost a lost case, so this question is extremely important. This is perfectly understandable, given that the lawyers of the opposite side will consider documents «under a microscope» to find formal signs to recognize them as inferior. And «stick» there is usually something to it. Unless over the years the practice of evaluating cars for court the appraiser will not polish all their documents thoroughly.

Who can provide expert evaluation of cars

The market value is determined in accordance with the Methodology of commodity examination and evaluation of wheeled vehicles (Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine from 24.07.2009 №1335/5/1159). The cost of common models of cars is calculated on the basis of the data given in the directory «Bulletin of Automotive Expert» (Periodical directory. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Information and Computing Center of the Union of Experts of Ukraine).

Our appraisal company has a valid certificate of valuation activity issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, with an open specialization in evaluation of wheeled vehicles. The state employs appraisers who specialize in determining the market value of a variety of transport and special equipment, have the relevant qualification certificates and current training. And most importantly – many years of practical experience. All this allows us to provide high-quality services and professional advice at all stages of our cooperation.

We will be glad if you choose us!

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