New rules of real estate valuation in Ukraine 2024

Сервис автоматической оценки недвижимости

As all participants of the real estate market of Ukraine know, since 01.07.2021 have earned the next new rules for the expert evaluation of apartments, land plots, residential buildings, garages and other non-residential premises, which owned by individuals.

In 2024, you do not need the valuation for a notary?

The State Property Fund of Ukraine announced launch of the Automatic Real Estate Evaluation Service, which operates free of charge. Thus, in sell-buy real estate transactions the customer of evaluation can enter in electronic office of single database of valuation reports and a statement of the estimated value of its property.

We would like to emphasize that not only appraisers and notaries, as it was before July 2021, can enter this register. But just natural persons – citizens of Ukraine, who have an electronic signature.

Pitfalls of the registry and electronic reference

Employees of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in all their speeches related to the new rules of real estate valuation for the notary in 2021, focus on the next. Real estate sellers may now not pay appraisers and thus ostensibly save money. As can be seen on many specialized sites of appraisal companies tariffs for the valuation of real estate for a notary cost averages 1000 UAH. In this case appraisers take into account the state of real estate, which certainly has a direct impact on market value of the property.

Unfortunately, the register, also called «evaluation module», does not take into account the physical condition of the property. That is, if there are two apartments in a new building, one of which is with repair and the second without finishing, the module will give the same estimated cost for both objects. You’d think a real estate salesman would win over a cheap apartment seller. But when you look closely at the issue, it turns out that everyone loses except the state budget.

As of early 2024, for a significant number of objects, the electronic service registry issues an inflated market value. If in Kyiv things are more or less normal and overvaluation may be about 25%, the situation in the regions of Ukraine is not at all cheerful. Appraisers are working in the regions of Ukraine tell about cases of overvaluation of households and land plots at times.

How to order real estate evaluation in 2024.

Thus, for almost all types of real estate objects overpayment on taxes and charges will be significant. And definitely incomparable compared to that 1000 UAH, which for their services appraisers take.

Heads of the State Property Fund highlight, that each real estate seller can either independently and free of charge obtain a certificate of the estimated value of their property, or apply for real estate evaluation, as before, in one of the appraisal organizations, such as our company Ocenka.UA.

If you are interested in an objective valuation of the property, we offer you to contact our specialists. We will do everything possible to ensure that the value of your property at the sale was not inflated! And the amount of taxes you paid in the transaction was fair.

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