Property Evaluation

Property evaluation

What is that all about:

1. Our prices

2. Evaluation function, its purpose. Why is it important

2.1 What is an appraiser’s report. How valid is it

3. Approval documents for conducting an expert property evaluation

4. Property evaluation – what is that?

4.1. Who and in what situations requires property evaluation

4.2. Procedures and methods of property valuation

4.3. The essence of the appraisal company

5. Evaluation in Kyiv

5.1. Real estate valuation in Kyiv

5.2. Property evaluation in Kyiv

5.3. Valuation of shares and valuation of corporate rights

5.4. How to order an evaluation in Kyiv

6. Benefits of dealing with us

6.1. If you have any questions

The cost of expert valuation of the various types of property is shown below. For your convenience, a ready-made evaluation report can be sent to you by courier delivery service (at the offices of Nova Poshta or Justin by your choice) at our expense!

Service Cost of work (benchmark)
Residential property evaluation
apartments (garages, parking lots); residential buildings, summer houses.
Notary – from 1000 UAH
For the court from 2000 UAH
Land evaluation from 1000 UAH
Commercial real estate valuation
(premises: offices, shops, warehouses; buildings and installations).
from 2000 UAH
Municipal property valuation
(for rental of real estate in municipal property).
4000 UAH
Evaluation of cars from 2000 UAH
Equipment valuation from 1000 UAH
Valuation of securities
Valuation of shares and corporate rights.

Please draw your attention that the prices are indicative and can be changed to a greater or lesser extent, taking into account the specifics of each case. For detailed information on a particular type of property or property rights, please visit the relevant page of our website. The thing is that the procedures for determining the value and the documents necessary for the valuation for, for example, the apartment and for the shares are completely different.

Evaluation function, its purpose. Why is it important

Not a lot of customers understand the importance of the purpose for which the expert evaluation of property is conducted. Much depends on the function for which the documents are prepared. And the procedure of work, and the nuances of the report, as well as the responsibility of the evaluator for the quality of work.

The most common objectives of value services are:

  • Real estate valuation for a notary. Depending on the function, it may be performed for
    • sale, inheritance, personal mortgage. Common to all these cases is the definition of appraised value and the need to carry out registration results in a special database of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.
    • gift to closest relative. In this case, the report contains the market value and does not need a registration in the above-mentioned database.
    • sale or mortgage for legal entities. As with the gift for individuals, the market value of the property is determined, and the registration of the valuation is not necessary.
  • Valuation of property in Kyiv for presentation in court. Most often, this is done as part of the division of property at the divorce of spouses. The quality of such services is highly demanded. Since, obviously, the results of the appraiser’s work will be very carefully considered by the customer and his opponents. As a rule, the object for such work is real estate in Kyiv and
    (less often) cars.
  • Valuation of fixed assets. Makes for different purposes in in the accounting process. We work with assets of almost all types. And have accumulated enough experience of cooperation with accountants, know well the features and requirements of such work.
  • Valuation for municipal property rental in Kyiv. Specificity of the service compared to the usual evaluation of the facilities is that all documents are checked by the Department of Municipal Property of Kyiv. The documents must be executed in full compliance with all requirements of the legislation. Up to detail. Otherwise, the documents simply will not pass the approval, and the entire procedure of the lease agreement will need to start from the beginning.
  • Special place is taken by evaluation of securities (shares) and corporate rights. However, this is a rather specific topic. Therefore, if your question is in this plane, we invite you to visit the relevant sections of our site.

Of course, there are many more cases of expert property evaluation in practice. However, the above functions, in our experience, are the most common. If your case is not described here, – ask for advice! Such cases require a case-by-case approach, so that the result of the work is as close as possible to the purpose for which the whole procedure is carried out.

What is an appraiser’s report. How valid is it

Beautifully designed entrance of a residential building

One of the most common general questions concerning the expert evaluation of all types of property: What does the result of your work look like? What does the client get as a result of contacting the appraiser?

According to the law, the result of the property evaluation is an evaluation report. The structure and content of such a report are clearly defined. Please note that the evaluation report is a brochure (not a reference, as many think), the volume of which depends on the complexity of the object being evaluated, but in practice can not be less than twenty sheets. We specifically made a video about how the real estate valuation report looks like. Because, as they say, it’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times. The video shows what real estate documents look like, but all the general provisions are exactly the same for the property valuation report of any kind.

By the way, the real estate evaluation report for submission to a notary is expiries in six months.

Approval documents for conducting an expert property evaluation

The second in the ranking of frequent questions from new customers is:

Do you have a license to conduct property valuation?

We have all the permission documents for the expert evaluation. Such documents four: three for the appraiser (qualification certificate, certificate of the appraiser’s entry into the register of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, certificate of professional development) and one for the appraisal company (certificate of the subject of valuation activity). You should also pay attention to whether these documents indicate the type of property that you need to evaluate. For example, we have opened all areas (specializations), except the evaluation of antiques (which we do not evaluate). For detailed information on what documents the appraiser and valuation company should have, we recommend to read the article: "appraisal company".

We will also be glad to answer your questions by phone, e-mail or in person at our office, the location and schedule of which are indicated in the section contacts of our website. Call, write, come!

Property evaluation – what is that?

Property evaluation is a procedure aimed at determining the value of the facility in accordance with the objectives and goals of each specific situation. It should be noted that this procedure may include evaluation of:

  • land plots;
  • various structures and buildings;
  • communications and infrastructure;
  • means of transportation;
  • equipment;
  • intangible assets;
  • business, property complexes, etc.

Mandatory evaluation of property is necessary in situations provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine. Expert appraisals of property may be needed for various reasons. For example, it is needed in the process of concluding a transaction, during a lease or pledge, at the signing of an insurance contract, at the entry of property into the charter capital of the enterprise and in other cases.

Property valuation is also required in the process of resolving property conflicts, reorganization, in case of bankruptcy or property privatization.

The valuation is carried out taking into account all the nuances and characteristics of the object of valuation. The evaluated property can be divided into three types:

  1. Real estate – land plots, engineering networks, fences, houses, apartments.
  2. Movable property – vehicles and also, an equipment.
  3. Business – securities and stakes in enterprises.

Who and in what situations requires property evaluation

Who needs property evaluation

Property evaluation may be mandatory or voluntary, based on international and national legislation. It should be noted that the valuation should be fully in accordance with the Law «On the Valuation of Property, Property Rights and Professional Valuation Activity in Ukraine». There are special rules for individual facilities at the legislative level, so the assessment companies follow them together with general legislation.

Individuals and legal persons, enterprises, state institutions, investors and banks often need to evaluate their assets. Citizens often turn to appraisal companies while:

  • signing an insurance contract to determine compensation;
  • making transactions involving land, structures and buildings, movable property and vehicles;
  • giving the property in pledge or while making a mortgage loan;
  • paying of the state fee;
  • legalizating of inheritance;
  • confiscating of private property from individuals in favour of public needs;
  • signing of the gift contract;
  • division of property.

Legal entities apply to valuation companies in such situations:

  • when the cost of the share is to be paid to one LLC member;
  • when issuing shares or other securities;
  • when a revaluation of fixed assets is required;
  • during the entry of property into the charter capital;
  • for signing a lease agreement for communal property;
  • when buying or selling property;
  • to establish a tax or tax accounting base;
  • in legal proceedings relating to property;
  • when it comes to attracting investment;
  • while writing a business plan;
  • to attract investors;
  • to examine in detail the investment prospects in a given situation;
  • through lending;
  • in the pledge of ownership;
  • during the company’s restructuring, sale or bankruptcy.

Procedures and methods for property valuation

Methods of property valuation directly depend on the variety and parameters of the object of valuation. As well as the detail, quality and completeness of the required initial property data. The appropriateness of a particular method should be chosen according to each individual situation. There are three methods of property valuation:

  1. Costly. Detailed analysis of the costs of the process of creating similar property or its full copying.
  2. Comparative. The calculation takes into account similar assets to be valued and uses existing market prices.
  3. Income. The amount of potential profit from the disposition or possession of property is calculated. It takes into account the potential income and expenses during the use of this property, the possibility of its sale. Business development plan created for large objects, money flows modelled.

It should be noted that the evaluator in the report must necessarily justify the chosen approach to determining the cost. If a method cannot be applied in practice, this must be argued.

The essence of the appraisal company

When contacting the evaluator, it is necessary to explain the tasks and objectives of the valuation, provide technical documents, confirm the ownership. Also describe in detail all parameters of the object. When discussing the terms of cooperation, the evaluator may specify the price of his or her work and the period for which the independent evaluation will be conducted. Then a contract is signed with the client, on the basis of which the property will be evaluated. After that, it is necessary to:

  • to study in detail the proposed agreement, if everything is fine, it can be signed;
  • make a prepayment for the appraiser’s work;
  • provide the access to property to appraiser;
  • provide all documentation that may be required during the evaluation;
  • wait for completion of the work and receive the evaluation report, as well as pay the remaining amount for the work of the appraiser.

The appraiser performs such actions in the course of his work:

  • inspects the property, photographs it and evaluates the condition;
  • examines in detail all the documentation that the client provided to appraiser;
  • analyses the market of similar property and makes the necessary calculations;
  • prepare an evaluation report and submit it to the client.

Valuation of property may not only be required by law or in court proceedings. Timely valuation and fixed market value of property often helps to avoid conflict situations or get out of them with minimal damage.

Evaluation in Kyiv

Property evaluation in Kyiv

Our appraisal company located in Kyiv, therefore, most of the property objects with which we work are also located in the capital or in the Kyiv region. At the same time we often perform work in other regions of Ukraine.

We draw your attention that the prices shown at the top of the page are not indicative because we want to hide something from you. And because the key role in pricing along with the type of object is also the purpose with which the independent evaluation is actually carried out. Once again, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that during the procedure of the expert evaluation of the property it is very important its function (or the purpose of the evaluation).

The most common cases, in which it is necessary to determine the value of property in Kyiv, is the purchase and sale of typical real estate, which usually includes apartments, garages, residential houses and land. From the point of view of the appraiser performing work for this purpose is the easiest, so in this case and the cost of the service is minimal. It is quite another to make an evaluation of the property for presentation in court. This procedure may vary significantly from case to case, given, first, that the specialist has a much greater responsibility for such work and, accordingly, approaches the case much more carefully. Second, it is often necessary for the court to determine the market value of the real estate for which there are no documents, or need a retrospective valuation (that is, at a date that was much earlier than the date of writing the report).

You need an evaluation in Kyiv or Kyiv region?
Then our appraisal company at your service!

Real estate evaluation in Kyiv

Evaluation in Kyiv

Real estate valuation is usually divided into these areas:

  • Evaluation of the apartment in Kyiv – the cost of work usually is from 1000 to 2000 UAH, the deadline is 1 day. The cost depends on the purpose for which the valuation is carried out: for a notary to give cheaper, for presentation in court – more expensive. For more information on the service for determining the market value of apartments, see this link: “evaluation if the apartment”.
  • Garage evaluation. As in the case of apartments, the cost of estimating garages and parking spaces is 1000-2000 UAH and depends on which body to present the work.
  • Evaluation of lands. For typical land plots, the cost of which is determined for re-registration with a notary, our services cost 1000 UAH, the term of execution – 1 day. «Typical» means plots that are typical for their terrain both in area and in purpose.
  • House evaluation – the basic price of the service of determination of market value of individual residential houses in Kyiv and Kyiv region for the notary – 1000 UAH. If the evaluation is needed for the court, the cost of work can be higher and determined individually depending on the parameters of the house and its location. In most cases, this work is done in 1 day.
  • Real estate evaluation in Kyiv, which relates to non-residential stock (except garages and communal property). Such real estate include offices, shops, warehouses, production premises, as well as specific structures and communication networks. The specificity of this type of asset is that the complexity of the work depends on the characteristics and location of the particular facility. Our cost of operation for rooms and buildings is determined individually depending on their parameters.
  • Evaluation of municipal property of Kyiv. Procedure of valuation of rent of communal property is significantly different from the evaluation for a notary, so this work is more expensive. The cost of such work is about 4000 UAH, the term of work – 2-3 days.
  • Evaluation of the property in Kyiv

    From the point of view of the appraiser, if the property is not immovable, it can be divided like:

  • Evaluation of cars, special vehicles, all modes of transport, including floating and flying vehicles. The cost of work on the evaluation of the car, as well as common brands of trucks and trailers is 1000 UAH, the deadline is 1 day. If you order the market value of several cars at the same time, the cost of work is reduced in proportion to the number of cars in the list-assignment. As for the evaluation of special equipment (for example, with hinged equipment), boats, yachts, aircraft, helicopters, the cost of such work is determined individually.
  • Equipment valuation, or fixed asset evaluation of enterprise. The specificity of pricing for this type of work is that the definition of «equipment evaluation» in itself does not give an idea of the volume and complexity of work. Equipment can include both an office computer and a production line with multiple nodes. With regard to the valuation of property, plant and equipment, the situation is even more complex, as the fixed assets may include both equipment and, for example, real estate and cars. Therefore, the cost of work in this area is determined individually after receiving the list-task for evaluation. Our appraisers will analyse it and we will try to make you an interesting, objective and adequate offer.
  • Revaluation of fixed assets. The logic of pricing the revaluation of fixed assets does not differ from the principles of the formation of work on the valuation of fixed assets. The only peculiarity of revaluation pricing is that this term usually refers to the determination of the market value of all fixed assets that are on the balance sheet of the enterprise, so the list for valuation is larger, which means the cost of our work is one unit lower. Please send us a list of properties so that we can understand the amount of work and discuss in detail with you the terms of cooperation. Often the results of the revaluation of property, plant and equipment need to be agreed with the auditors, so when choosing an appraisal company to perform this type of work, you need to pay attention to its experience.
  • Stock assessment and corporate rights evaluation

    In most cases, valuation of shares is a special case of determining the market value of corporate rights. After all, if the valuation of securities is making for the purposes of the additional issue, the appraiser needs to determine the value of the entire enterprise, and then divide the resulting value by the total number of shares. Most of such works are subject to mandatory approval by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, so the choice of appraiser should be approached responsibly. Evaluation companies in Kyiv, which know how to conduct quality appraisals of shares not too much, so we are proud of the fact that we have a staff of appraisers, whose work has been coordinated in the Commission for many years without comments.

    A few words about how much it costs to determine the value of the shares. Unfortunately, there are no average prices here, and it can not be. This is due to the fact that in most cases such work is to revalue everything that an enterprise has, not only the property, but also its liabilities, intangible assets and so on. To determine the cost of the work, we ask the customers to send us a balance sheet for the last reporting period. After analysing it, we additionally request the decryption of some lines, as a rule, to generate the cost of work enough to decrypt the fixed assets. This information gives our appraisers an understanding of the workload, which means we are ready to conduct substantive negotiations and answer all customer’s questions on the cost of the work, the timing and the procedure of its implementation.

    How to order an evaluation in Kyiv

    Our offices are located in Kyiv near underground station Livoberezhna and Olympic. However, you do not need to spend time on trips! It is usually convenient for both the customer and the contractor to receive all the documents necessary for the evaluation by e-mail, because in this case the documents will not need to be scanned for the archive, which appraisers should maintain in accordance with the legislation. After the completion of the work, we can send a report with conclusions about the value of the property to your address using the courier service, for example, «Nova Poshta». Delivery of documents at our expense!

    Benefits of dealing with us

    Our benefits

    Our company provides consultation of professional experts in the field of evaluation online. This is extremely convenient, because all the nuances can be discussed without leaving the house or office. And the documents required for work to send to e-mail or any convenient messenger for customer, for example, Viber or Telegram.

    You can order a property valuation report directly from your home or office. And the ready-made document, which will meet all the requirements and norms of the current legislation, can be obtained by courier delivery, of course, at our expense!

    We take care of our customers, so on our website you can get the most information you need or call an evaluator for more advice. As well as find out all the details, including the timing of the evaluation and the final cost of the work, agree on the date of the evaluation, and discuss all other details.

    Benefits of our Appraisal Company:

    • individual approach to each client;
    • professional staff who will be attentive to all customer wishes;
    • we guarantee full confidentiality in cooperation with us;
    • reports that our appraisers draw up comply with all the norms of the current legislation;
    • full support of the client until the acceptance of the evaluation report in the target agency;
    • free advice on any questions in our competence;
    • delivery of finished documents at our expense.

    Documents with the raw data required for the evaluation procedure can be sent to you in a convenient way, for example, than a messenger. Customers appreciate our company for efficiency and quality of work, high level of professionalism, as well as low competitive prices for services.

    Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact with us!

    You can get all the necessary additional information on the evaluation in Kyiv by the numbers specified in the section «Contacts», by email or messenger (Viber, Telegram).