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Real Estate Appraisers

Our tariffs on property evaluation can be found on the main page of our website or in relevant sections: apartment evalation, land evaluation, evaluation of houses, real estate valuation of non-residential fund, etc.

This section of our site is not devoted to our services in determining the value of immovable property as such, it is about those people who do such work – real estate appraisers.

Appraiser profession and expert profession

Let’s look briefly at these two professions and understand the difference between them.

Expert performs its professional activity, including obtaining permits, in accordance with Law of Ukraine «On Forensic Expertise» requirements. The expert performs two types of work: expertise and research. Moreover, only a certain number of bodies and individuals may appoint experts: courts, investigators, lawyers and so on, you can read more in the relevant legal acts, in particular in Ministry of Justice instructions on the appointment and conduct of forensic expertise and expert research. For us, first of all, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the expertise answers the questions that are put before it in the course of the trial. And these questions, if we are talking about construction and technical expertise, may concern not only the definition of the value of the real estate, but also, for example, the condition of its structural elements, the ability of the building to perform certain functions and the like. That is, if you do not go into legal details, you can say that real estate evaluation is part of the construction and technical expertise.

Appraiser unlike the expert is not a separate procedural figure, but can be invited to the court session as a specialist (for details need to refer to the codes of procedure). Appraiser acts on the basis of Law of Ukraine «On valuation of property, property rights and professional valuation activity». The Law stipulates the professional activities of the appraiser:

  • evaluation of property, including real estate;
  • providing consultations to all interested parties about procedure for conducting real estate valuation, market analysis, rent determination, etc;
  • reviewing (i.e., checking for compliance with the requirements of legislation) the real estate valuation reports prepared by other appraisers;
  • scientific activity, development of methods for determining the value of various types of property;
  • training activities for other appraisers.
  • Evaluation as opposed to expertise answers only one question: «What is the cost of the property?».

    What documents confirm the right of the appraiser to determine the value of the real estate

    Any real estate appraiser operating within the framework of the Law must have three documents: a qualification certificate, a certificate of advanced training and an extract from the register of the State Property Fund of Ukraine. Here you can also notice that the difference between experts and appraisers is also that the activities of the first ones are regulated by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and the second – SPFU, on whose website there is also a register of appraisers. With this link anyone can check whether a real estate appraiser is working legally.

    Qualification certificate of real estate appraiser

    The procedure of obtaining a qualification certificate is as follows. First, an interested person who wishes to acquire the profession of appraiser and meets the requirements of the relevant Law (higher education, сertificate of non-conviction, etc.) passes the courses of real estate appraisers. After graduation, the future specialist undergoes an internship in appraisal company, the staff of which employs an appraiser with practical experience in determining the value of real estate more than two years. The internship lasts at least a year, and a package of documents is delivered on the basis of the results, which is the admission to the qualification examination. If you pass this exam, the real estate appraiser gets his first document that looks like this:

    Qualification certificate of real estate appraiser

    Extract from the SPFU register

    After the appraiser has received the qualification certificate, the Fund enters its data into its register, after which it issues the relevant certificate. This document specifies all property and property rights that the appraiser may determine: real estate valuation, valuation of equipments, evaluation of cars, assessment of stock and corporate rights and so on the list. It can be seen that the appraiser whose extract from the register is presented below, in addition to evaluating the real estate, also has the right to evaluate property rights, in particular the valuation of securities.

    Certificate of professional development

    After the appraiser has passed the examination on the basis of which he obtained a qualification certificate and has registered in the register of the State Property Fund, he has the right to engage in professional activity in the valuation of real estate for two years. At least every two years, appraisers are required to take refresher courses. These courses are also supported by a certificate (presented below) and are also recorded in the SPFU database.

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